Project Description

Stick Vet Comic #3
Still learning how to write comics, and still writing too much. Though I wanted to try and show two separate dynamics in the same comic. Racing Thoughts and Stupid Questions.
I get a wide variety of awkward, unusual, and ignorantly disrespectful questions. Most of the time it’s actually unnerving because it reveals how much we are not understood, and Vets easily translate that lack of understanding as a lack of connection and thus feel outcast from society. These are odd moments, though I don’t personally mind at all answering in an honest and blunt manner. In fact I truly appreciate civilians that ask honest and real questions, because it shows that society want’s to understand the Veterans role.
Racing Thoughts is a common symptom in the PTSD catch-all-criteria. But it’s actually more due to our training than exposure to trauma. Regardless, talking about the war can get the wheels spinning just as much as when a trigger ‘reminds’ you of war.