Project Description

Voting Season

Comic #4
This fourth and fifth comic was playing with the idea of writing comics about the current events. Many other comic writers that I follow often will write a comic in response to whatever is going on in main stream media. As Stick Vet might be viewed more like a political cartoon, I thought it might be a good idea to start practicing this habit. After writing these two comics I changed my mind and decided that Stick Vet is not going to respond to the media at all. That I have a message to communicate and trying to give the ‘Veteran Stance’ on every issues in the news would distract me from my mission.
As it was 2014 and during the elections (Local) I wrote about my experience voting again after getting out. I was still trying to write The-Book-I’ll-Never-Finish and in my drafts I would often draw stick figures in the margins when I hit writers block. So I would write and journal for pages before something like a comic would form. Unlike now, I draft comics and try to write about them afterward.
I realized writing this comic that Stick Vet has to remain politically neutral if he is to be a representation of every Veteran. Except to make one political point. That our Red ‘vs’ Blue Civil War of Political Opinion is not just obviously unhealthy, but is disgraceful. I honestly believe that ‘Current Political Discord’ has divided people more than race or religion currently does. It’s at least on par as one of the greatest destructive qualities of our society and communities. The only political opinion that I believe Every Mature Veteran would agree (even if they are personally left or right) is that they way Americans are communicating politics is horrible. Veterans did not fight for Americans to treat each other the way that they currently do. (I’m sure it’s similar for other nations Vets) I believe that this desperately needs to change, and I don’t know how it can. But I Can hold this as Stick Vets only political stance, and lead by example. Who knows… maybe things will change. As one of our times greatest philosophers said,
“They say you got to chose your side and, when its done…
Nobody right, nobody wrong.” ~ M. Franti