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Welcome to Stick Vet

Comics about Veteran Life in the Civilian Sector

Truth Through Comedy

More than a Comic

Stick Vet Comics are about Veteran life in the civilian sector. The comics are a way of describing the challenges Veterans face after serving in the military; from relationships, to finding a role in society, and even the dynamics of a Vets relationship with Death and the Demons they carry.  In this manner Stick Vet has proven successful in accomplishing much more than just joking about Veteran life.  But has become a tool to reach out to Veterans in solitude, as well as bridging the gap of understanding between civilians and Veterans.

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Volume 1

The First 100 Comics

Volume 2

Comic 101-Current

The Colonels Story

Cast of Characters

The Cast of Stick Vet Comics is continually growing, representing Veterans of varying types as well as the different ‘demons’ that Vets carry and have a relationship with.

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